Adding attachments causes Office program crashes

Whether it’s Outlook, Word, or any other Office product in the 2010, 2013, or 2016 versions, if attempting to add an attachment causes the application to crash, the solution is a simple one, though likely not satisfying. Continue reading “Adding attachments causes Office program crashes”

Upgrade to new Windows 10 version via command line automation

Windows 10 began with version 1507 and was first released in July of 2015 (that’s how they number the release by the way, year/month). Since then they have regularly released two updates each year, and each time it can either go smoothly or be disastrous.

If you’re like any cautious IT person, you wait a little bit before potentially unleashing Microsoft’s terror on your organization. You also want to have a controlled method of rolling out each new version.

While you could just approve the update through WSUS and let nature take its course, many may opt for a safer route. Allow me to introduce that route to you. Continue reading “Upgrade to new Windows 10 version via command line automation”

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